Oct 5, Michele Kasper, Biofield Tuning teacher
“Biofield Tuning – The Effects of targeted Sound on the Human Biofield/Aura”
Biofield tuning uses the sound of tuning forks to identify, harmonize and release trauma held in the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies.  Learn about this new modality and how it is helping people become more centered, grounded and more present in their lives. A short demonstration of the technique will be included.
Oct 19, Alexandra Marianetti, Tantra teacher
“Journey in India with Paramahamsa Nithyananda”
Alexandra speaks on her awakening with Avatar/Guru Nithyananda in India.  She will talk about miracles she experienced herself: levitation, materialization, remote vision, moving objects, and more…  How she experienced different states of consciousness… and how all of her patterns of fear, doubt, and imperfection had been transformed into unconditional love, perfection, and pure consciousness. 
Nov 2, Lily Liversidge, HPS, Jin Shin Jyutsu
“Samhain”: Celtic Season, “Connecting to Loved Ones”
In many traditions, Halloween marks the time of year when our thoughts turn to our dear departed ancestors, friends and family.  On Nov 2nd, Lily Liversidge, in ritual, will lead us on a journey beyond the veil.  Please be sure to bring a photo or commemorative object of someone special you’d like to remember… and a special treat for the Halloween table.
Nov 16, 2017 “Sally Page”, Medical Intuitive, Master Sound Healer, Teacher of Light.
Igniting the Miracle of Peace with a Metamorphosis of the Heart
Discover how to ignite the pure unconditional love that is characteristic of the Anointed Heart. Learn how to nurture the divine possibilities that your soul is here to express with the magical creativity of your heart.  Embrace a powerful practice of peace to activate profound transformation!
Sally is a Teacher of Light offering online spiritual teachings to ignite the Loving Light of Divinity within each one of us.
See her website at www.SallyPageAwakening.com

Nov 30, Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Spiritual Healer
“Transform Your Life with Dolphins and Whales”
Tap into your Higher Self for manifesting miracles, your dreams, while connecting with the cetaceans.  It’s time to move out of chaos to become more harmonious, compassionate, and blissful. Rayna, the author of “Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose,” channels dolphin and whale energy for you to clear away blocks for healing body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Dec 7, Michele Kasper, Biofield Tuning teacher
“Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation”
Come experience a sound meditation with Alchemy Crystal Bowls. Learn about the magic of crystal bowls through direct experience.  After a brief discussion of the composition and construction of the bowls we will take a sound journey.  Wear comfortable clothing. You are welcome to bring yoga mats, pillows and blankets to find a comfortable place on the floor.

Dec 21, Holiday Party with Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon.   “Live Music, & Gift Exchange”
Bev & Greg, singer musicians, with a sound for peace, love and understanding, deliver a delightful blend of acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, to brighten our holiday spirits. Bring a gift and a favorite holiday dish to share
(not required but appreciated).  We request gifts be around $10 for the gift exchange.  Enjoy Tom’s famous egg nog and join the fun!  Bev & Greg’s website: www.bevandgreg.com
Please Join us Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday for a fun, uplifting, and interactive program.  Cost is $6, sliding scale available.   Coffee, tea, water provided. You may also bring some healthy finger food to share. 
For more information, call Eddie, (2017) founder, at (408) 568-2545.

Come join our Sacred Circle!