Speaker Schedule 2nd Quarter April-June 2017

Mar 30 Alexandra (Kika) Marianetti
“Intentional Sex, Spirituality, and Healing”
What is spiritual sex? Understand how to use sexual energy and practice more than “just sex”. Learn how pure love mixed with sex equals manifestation, not just babies! Practices for lovemaking the life you really want.
April 6, Rev. Dr. Ayleen Augustine, DC
“Earth Whispers – Matching the Frequency of the Natural World”
Share in an exploration of the frequencies of the Earth with Dr. Ayleen, a practicing Druid and healer who has experienced oneness with the energies of nature in seven countries on four continents and discover the connections that exist everywhere...even in your own backyard!

April 20, Alijandra, Color Energy Healing Pioneer
“Transmuting Violet Flame and Its New Variations”
Discover the other aspects to the astounding Transmuting Violet Flame given to us last century by the ascended master St. Germain.  Alijandra, teacher, healer and founder of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", will initiate the group in those variations.  So far, 37 variations Depending on time available, there should be a chance to utilize them in a technique or two for your practice.

May 4, Laura Barton
“Accelerating Ascension”
Are you feeling stuck – knowing there's more and but not sure how to get there? Every challenge is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components. Laura Barton, SourceLight Integrations expands on the Reconnective Healing® spectrum, facilitating profound change in all aspects of your life. Laura shares her journey into self-healing, helping others heal, and accelerating ascension. Discover how you too can release your blocked energy and witness the transformative process as she demonstrates with one of the audience.

Carole Holcomb, May 18
“Introduction to Laughter Yoga”
Laugh for your health! Laugh just because!  As adults we need a reason to laugh, and laughing just because easily disappears.  With Laughter Yoga, we will laugh, just because, without jokes! Discover how laughter eases stress and pain, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and uplifts your day!

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June 1, Robin Lysne
“Soul Mates and Life Partners –Changing Relationships in the 21st Century”
Let’s talk Love! How do we know if it is love or Memorex? Love doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is when we come up against old patterns of relating that keep us stuck and alone. How do we break free from past wounds and see the person before us for who they really are? What are the five things that prevent us from relating in a healthy manner? In this talk we will have an opportunity to explore love and what it is in relationships that goes wrong and how we can heal it.

June 15, Chris Shelton
“Expanded Awareness though Qigong & Chinese Medicine”
Expand your awareness and increase your consciousness through simple movements and guided meditations. Relax while increasing your life-force energy called Qi (pronounced “chi”). This class focuses on gentle movements, stretches and breath work from ancient China. Learn effective practices that balance mind, body and spirit. 

June 29, Tomasa Macapinlac
“Boulders off!! How to Thrive in your Life!” 
Find yourself stuck in certain emotions or triggers, no matter what you do?  Frustrated that you keep attracting what you don’t want? Unable to manifest your larger aspirations? Learn simple strategies for clearing defensive tactics that may appear to be helping you, but are actually doing more harm than good.
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