Speaker Calendar 3rd Quarter thru September, 2017q

Aug 3, Bonnie Bea, Integrative holistic practitioner “The Power of Theta Healing” Would you like to enhance you intuition and healing abilities? ThetaHealing™ is a powerful healing modality that teaches you how to lean into your connection with the “Creator of All That Is”, to create healing and transformation on the Core, Genetic, History, and Soul level of the DNA.

Aug 17,
Tamara Bell, healer Heartsong Healing “Moving Energy Workshop” In our "Moving Energy Workshop", we will be doing hands-on energy exercises. Come join us for the fun, and demonstrations, on the power of moving energy Many people report being in less pain, happier, and more centered after getting their energy balanced.

Aug 31st, Nancy Costa “Healthy Home by Design presents’ clearing Space Naturally” I will explain how nature plays a key role along with other methodologies to raise the vibrational quality while restoring the original blueprint of your space. This approach delivers a renewed sense of inspiration, freshness and well being naturally. Results achieved partly by the yearly Feng Shui along with Geomancy.
Sept 7th, 
 Cynthia Sue Larson, Author of “Quantum Jumps” “Thriving with Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts, & Quantum Jumps” Startling evidence of alternate histories indicates we may be experiencing multiple realities. We can learn to thrive amidst shifting ‘facts’ and relative truths, discovering core stability not so much in measurable, but rather in aspects of perennial wisdom, as we see increasing evidence of many possible truths, many possible realities.

Sept 21st, Dr. Nandi Hetenyi “Becoming a Whole Person – Foundational Principles of Soul Health” Curious what it means to be a whole person? Have you felt like something is missing or disconnected from yourself? Your soul is your vital essence, it is your life force energy and the unique blueprint of who you are. Our culture is permeated with support for soul disconnection and many of us have experienced soul loss at various times in our life. Soul health is overlooked in our society, which separates most of day to day life from spiritual well-being. Together, we will explore four foundational principles for soul health and healing through dialogue and a guided meditation and group energy healing.

Please Join us Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday for a fun, uplifting, and interactive program. Cost is $6, sliding scale available. Coffee, tea, water provided. You may also bring some healthy finger food to share. For more information, call Eddie, (2017) founder . (408) 568-2545. Come join our Sacred Circle!